Jofra Archer shows there is no cure for stupidity

Jofra Archer
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What was Jofra Archer thinking?

In case you didn’t know, Jofra was dropped from the team like a hot potato just before the 2nd test against West Indies in Old Trafford.

And for what? Apparently, Jofra thought that the Covid 19 pandemic was a case of ‘much ado about thing’.

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And so, he breached the bio-security protocol.

As per the protocol, the players and staff are supposed to only stop at the designated stations during their travels.

While all other team members followed the rules, Jofra Archer did not.

Reportedly he went to his home in Sussex where he is said to have met his girlfriend.

All hell broke loose

Predictably, this created a huge backlash.

And even more predictably, an apology followed.

Archer’s immaculately worded sorry note read, “I am extremely sorry for what I have done. I have put, not only myself, but the whole team and management in danger. I fully accept the consequences of my actions, and I want to sincerely apologise to everyone in the bio-secure bubble.”

“It deeply pains me to be missing the Test match, especially with the series poised. I feel like I have let both teams down, and again I am sorry.”

Well, as they say, words are cheap.

Anyway, what has happened can’t be retracted. The fast bowler will now be isolated for a period of 5 days during which he will be undergoing two Covid-19 tests.

If only the reports are negative, the fast bowler will be included in the team.

Jofra Archer let down the team

England lost the first game against West Indies in Southampton.

The Caribbean players completely outclassed the English players.

When England are trying to level the series, they could have done with Archer’s pace and aggression.

Especially since there is no Mark Wood. And no Jimmy Anderson.


Fact is, in the second innings of Southampton Test, Archer was gaining back his rhythm. He took three important early wickets giving a chance for the team to bounce back.

There is no doubt he could have made the crucial difference.

Jofra will learn, hopefully, for his own sake.

If Jofra wants to secure his cricketing career, he has to put duties to England and his team mates above his to biological urges!

Stokes offers his support

England superstar Ben Stokes has become the first English player to comment on Jofra Archer’s moment of madness.

“We really need to be there to support Jofra right now,” said Ben Stokes, after scoring 176 as England ended the second day’s play leading by 437.

“Obviously he’s a big talking point and he is by himself because of everything else going on at the moment.”

“The worst thing we could do right now as a team is just leave him and see him in five or six days’ time.”

“It’s all good being there for people when things are going well and smoothly.

But what really comes through is how you operate with someone when they need you the most,” he added.

Noble words indeed.

But everyone has been so genial about it.

Unsurprisingly, Archer is facing the heat from several quarters for his action.

Recently, ECB’s Director of Cricket Ashley Giles said Archer’s breach of the bio-secure protocols could have been a “disaster” for England’s summer. He said that the allrounder’s action could have cost the board tens of millions of pounds.

Behind all the sweet words, that is probably the truth.

Incidentally, Archer is not the only crick-idiot. Recently, a famous Pakistani cricketer committed a similar act of idiocy. Click here to know who he is.

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