Fun88 tells IPL fans! ‘Lagao Shart’ and win BIG!

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Fun88, one of the leading online gaming brands has come out with a stunning campaign to mark IPL 2021.

It’s based on the colloquial tagline – ‘Lagi Shart’ which means ‘To place a bet’.

Interestingly, the phrase has wider ramifications as it’s part of popular common usage wherein, people challenge each other to prove a point.

However, that’s not all.

Fun88 has also lined up an array of dazzling prizes to attract the gaming audience.

Fun88’s IPL 2021 campaign features some mouth-watering prizes

Be it a BMW X7 or the Hayabusa bikes or iPhone 12 models or the free tickets to the IPL finals, each prize is an eye-popper that is bound to create endless excitement.

This IPL campaign is one more demonstration of Fun88’s constant efforts to delight the gaming audience.

Looking at the initial trends, this campaign is already creating a huge buzz online!

After all, with Fun88, the fun truly never stops!