Champions League 2021: Favourites to win the trophy

Champions League 2021: Favourites to win the trophy

After the craziest transfer window in the history of transfer windows which saw dozens of players being bought and sold including Messi and Ronaldo (Yes! Still sounds unbelievable right?), there is a whole another level of excitement for this year’s champions league tournament like never before. Fans all around the world cannot wait to see some of the big guns collide with each other. And trust us when we say this, it is going to be an amazing ride.

Let us look at the favourites to win the champions league this season:

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  1. PSG – If you manage to sign Lionel Messi, G Donnarumma, A Hakimi, Sergio Ramos, G Wijnaldum and a host of other players when you already have Mbappe and Neymar, you know you are primed to win the champions league. And on top of that when you have a coach like Pochettino, you would be an idiot if you don’t count them as the favourites to win this trophy. After all the time, maybe this certainly could be PSG’s year.
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  1. Chelsea – The Winners of last year’s champions league and certainly one of the best teams in Europe in all three areas of the game. Be it attack, midfield or even defense, Chelsea are bossing it everywhere. The defending champions have made even more amazing additions to their squad by signing Saul from Athletico and Romelu Lukaku from Inter. The addition of Lukaku ensures them a lot of goals throughout the season and especially in crucial knockout games.
  1. Manchester City – Last year’s finalists and certainly one of the best attacking teams in Europe, Manchester City have a squad like no one. They have a bench strength that is said to be the most expensive bench in the world which they showcase day in and day out. However the only problem City might face is the existence of a proper no 9 striker and specially in crunch matches.
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  1. Liverpool – They won the champions league two years ago with the same team they have right now. Only difference is that they have all the more experience and hunger now. They also have managed to make a few good signings since then. The attack of Salah, Firmino and Mane is still the most feared attack by defenders. They have also made some great additions like Thiago, Jota & Konate just to name a few since they last won the champions league. So Liverpool certainly do have the chance again to win the champions league which is why they make it to the 4th spot in the list of contenders.
  1. Bayern Munich –  Every year when the pundits pick their favourites to win the champions league, if there is that one team that has been featuring on that list every year without a gap, then it is this team. Bayern Munich are certainly a force to be reckoned with and they just don’t win games. They dismantle their opponents. Remember how they thrashed Barcelona 8-2 in the semi final just a couple of years ago. If there’s one team you don’t want to be facing in a knockout game, it has to be this team. Bayern Munich are certainly one of the favourites to win the league.
  1. Manchester United –  Well, surprise, surprise. There is a new addition to the list. We can call them the dark horses. Something which hasn’t happened since a long while since Sir Alex Ferguson left. Manchester United are being counted as one of the favourites or let’s just say as the dark horses that might win the champions league. And there’s only one reason for that. One word in fact. R-O-N-A-L-D-O.
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He is Mr Champions League and when you have him in your side, you certainly have to be counted as the favourites. And with the squad depth United now have, they certainly can compete in Europe. And with the form Pogba & Bruno have shown this season already, this year might just be a treat for the United Fans.

Who do you think will win the Champions League? Let us know in the comments below.