Cristiano Ronaldo To Be Sued By Manchester United & Banned From The Club – The Controversial Interview – Everything You Need To Know

Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo during the Premier League match at Old Trafford, Manchester. Picture date: Saturday September 11, 2021.
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One of the biggest players of all time. One of the biggest clubs of all time. One of the most brilliant love stories of all time. One of the best homecomings of all time. One of the most like tweets of all time was when Manchester United announced that Ronaldo is coming back. And yet, it has become one of the biggest controversies of all time between a player and a club. 

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Just a day before, Cristiano Ronaldo hit 500 million followers on Instagram. But unfortunately, the news that was running everywhere was not about this remarkable feat, not about the World Cup or whether he would lead Portugal to World Cup supremacy but it was about how Manchester United are trying to ban him from the club and even sue him and terminate his contract.

Just before the World Cup break, Ronaldo in his controversial interview with Piers Morgan revealed a lot of information and his views about a lot of things in the club. He said the following about coach Erik Ten Hag – “I don’t have respect for him because he doesn’t show respect for me. If you don’t have respect for me, I’m never gonna have respect for you.”

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“I thought I would see different things, technology, infrastructure. Unfortunately, we see many things I’m used to seeing when I’m 21, 22, 23. It surprised me a lot.”

“Nothing changes. Not only the jacuzzi, the pool, even the gym. Even some points of technology, the kitchen, the chefs – who I appreciate, lovely people! They stop in time which surprised me a lot.

“But you have some things inside that don’t help [us] reach the top level as City, Liverpool and even now Arsenal…a club with this dimension should be top of the tree in my opinion and they are not unfortunately.

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Ronaldo also said that Manchester United have made “zero progress” since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in the summer of 2013.

Ronaldo’s interview has received a lot of mixed attention from the media and the fans. While they are some who still empathise with the striker, most fans, ex-players and the media have slammed Ronaldo and his actions. 

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Coach Erik Ten Hag has now openly stated that it would be better if Ronaldo does not come back to the club after the World Cup is over. According to many sources, Manchester United are trying their best to terminate Ronaldo’s contract, ban him from the club and even sue him.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United – One of the most romantic football stories of all time between a player and club is ending in a way like this. Football is changing. And it is changing hugely. Don’t you think?