All That’s Happening In The World Of Football: Erling Haaland – The New Spectacle In World Football, Ronaldo Completes 700 Club-Career Goals!

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The Premier League is considered to be one of the toughest football leagues in the world. No matter who the player is, how many goals he has scored and how many titles he has won if he has to prove his mettle on how good a footballer he is, he has to play in the Premier League and show his class. Even someone like Messi is questioned at times saying – “I don’t know if he played in the Premier League, will he score so many goals that he normally does?”

And in a way, all this is true also. The biggest of stars after winning the biggest of championships have struggled when they have played in the premier league. 

And then there comes this 22-year-old Norwegian who was making a good name for himself but was still counted as okay because he hadn’t played in the premier league. When he came everyone was like he might struggle as this isn’t as easy as the leagues he is used to. 

And then what happened has taken everyone by surprise.

He defied logic.

He defied history.

He defied all the stats, numbers & calculations. 

He defied logical reasoning. 

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Erling Haaland has taken the premier league by storm. In the 9 games he has played in the premier league this season, Mr Haaland has scored a total of 15 goals and also assisted three goals. And if you think this is mind-boggling, just wait a minute to let another stat sink in. In his first 8 games in the premier league, Erling Haaland has already scored 3 hat-tricks!

Yes, 3 hat-tricks in his first 8 games. 

The Premier League is more than 100 years old league and the next person to score that many hat-tricks took 48 games! So stats don’t lie! 

And that’s not just the end of the story. He also scored 5 goals in the three champions league goals he has played. And he was subbed off after a point in some of these games, otherwise, there would have been more hat-tricks that would be added to the list. 

He has already scored 20 goals as a player and we are just at the beginning of October. 

How many goals do you think Haaland will score this season?

Image Source – Manchester Evening News

Cristiano Ronaldo Completes 700 Club-Career Goals

Write him off at your peril. 

Write him off at your own risk!

Ronaldo, who has been warming the bench for Manchester United this season under new manager Ten Hag, showed that he is still the best in the world for a reason. There is a reason why he is considered one of the best players of all time and why we all should remember that.

United were playing Everton at Goodison Park and the atmosphere was lively. Ronaldo was not in the starting XI and United were already down 1-0 after a super Iwobi goal before Antony equalised for United. However, Martial who has been facing a lot of injury issues was again forced to leave the field due to injury even before 30 minutes of the game. 

Image Source – United In Focus

And then came Ronaldo. 

And as they say, 

Cometh the moment, Cometh the man!

And so he did, and that too in just 15 minutes after he came onto the pitch. He scored a brilliant goal that had a world-class striker’s typical finish written all over it. He was quite instrumental in United’s performance in that game and also reached yet another milestone in his golden career. 

After scoring for United, he completed 700 club goals as a player. 

And just like that, coming from the bench, he scored the decisive goal and also completed a historic record. 

Image Source – Daily Mail

Does he deserve to sit on the bench? 

We certainly would like to know your views. 

And for those of you who might think will Haaland break Ronaldo’s record, here is a mathematical update for you – 

If Ronaldo never scores again and Haaland also plays till 38, he will need to score 43 goals a season for the next 16 years straight and a goal more to surpass CR7.

Any views?