5 Athletes Who Owe A Huge Part Of Their Success To Their Diet & Discipline

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Being an athlete is not easy. No you may think that it is about reflexes, talent, hunger and the skill level these players have. And it does matter too. But not as much as you think. Every player is gifted, maybe some more naturally gifted than others. Some players are more technical than others. Some players are more hungry for success than others. But one common thing is that all of these players are where they are only because they have something in them. But do you know what separates the best from the rest?

Discipline, Hard Work & Diet

Now if you look at it from one perspective, discipline is a key factor that separates most of these players. There’s a reason why so many people burst into the limelight and come out as one-season wonders and then just fade away. 

Getting to the top might seem easy, but staying there is not. 

It takes a lot of courage, motivation, determination and discipline to say no to things and have the willpower to do what’s necessary even if it’s boring. That is what separates the best from the rest. 

Here are 5 famous sports players who owe a lot to their discipline and diet to help them reach where they are today

Virat Kohli 

Image Source – Zee News

If the whole Indian team is doing six packs today, the credit goes to Virat Kohli. The ex-Indian Captain has been leading his team by example. Virat Kohli is very particular with his diet and this is one of the reasons why he has been able to be the best player in the world for such a long time. Virat has said in many interviews that he has become very particular about what he eats. He avoids sugar and gluten and has a very healthy high protein diet that includes a lot of vegetables as well. So when the King follows such a strict diet, you should too!

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Image Source – The Mirror

If Virat Kohli has led the whole Indian team to a path of fitness, this man right here has inspired generations and generations of players and youngsters to embark on that fitness and disciplined way of life. He is one of the best football players of all time and there is absolutely nothing on a football pitch that this man has not done. And he is not naturally gifted like someone like Lionel Messi. He is where he is today – at the top of the mountain only because of his discipline. He is almost 38 and will be leading Portugal in the World Cup. He is fit as a needle and he is as disciplined as they come. From exercise, diets & intense workouts, Ronaldo is Ronaldo because of his diet, hard work & discipline. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

Image Source – Twitter

 Zlatan is not just a name, he is a legend, a genius & one of the most iconic strikers of all time. He is 41 years of age, still playing, still, the best and still as fit as they come. He has achieved some incredible things in his long career and he owes a lot of it to his diet and discipline. He can still give a 20-year-old a run for his money when it comes to fitness and he is still dominating the game at such an age. He is very particular about what he eats, he spends hours in the gym and he takes a lot of effort to make sure that is still the fittest, baddest & the fiercest fish in the water. If you want to become like Zlatan, you have to start eating well first. 

The Rock 

Image Source – The Barbell

You can never know what the Rock is cooking. But he shares & shows how much & what he is eating. The ex-wrestler who is now one of the biggest actors in the world has dominated every arena of life he has participated in. He wakes up at 4 am every day no matter what continent or country he is in (and believe us, he travels like crazy) but still is very consistent with his workouts and diet. He owes a lot of it to his diet and discipline. 

Michael Phelps 

Image Source – NBC

The most decorated player in the history of the Olympics did not reach where he is without the perfect diet. Before the 2008 Olympics, Phelps’ diet included 12,000 calories per day. Yes! You read that right. He used to make sure that he consumed close to 12,000 calories per day while training for the 2008 Olympics. Do you think winning 23 Gold Medals individually in the Olympics is possible without a strict diet and discipline?